Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here are some more ideas. Have a look at the state of the economy and the fact that National have just proposed more mining in the Coromandel and on Great Barrier. Think about the fact that we may change our stance on Whaling, why? Why are we changing our policies? 
Are we still a " Green" country?
Do you think that profit or value can be something that is not in a monetary form ( ie. our National parks, clean air etc...)
How does this affect you as the next generation?
Get at me with ideas.
Also, the article being written about the project is a good way  to voice your opinions, I don't care what they are as long as you are honest. You, as citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand have the right to give your honest opinion/s.
Or don't if you do not feel comfortable doing so. It is entirely up to you.
Yours sincerely
Project coordination

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  1. Without the green, the colours in the fill remind me of Neopolitan Ice cream..

    - Turtle