Sunday, February 28, 2010

First project completed!

New Theme
Good afternoon, firstly, well done on the completion of your first project.
Secondly, the new theme is culture, or more specifically, your culture. You may choose to engage in any aspect of your culture/s. This time, I want you to post research, show me your family history, show me drawings that examine your culture/s and your interpretation of it/ them. You can paint whatever you feel is relevant as long as you can justify it with research and drawings.
You have two weeks so use the time to your advantage. For a good example of culture, look at Askew's blog, he has referenced his neighbourhood and it's surrounding cultures as a huge influence on his artwork, have a look.
Photos of the weekend will be up this week

Thursday, February 25, 2010


shaper again, posting on behalf of VALIK this time.. after me n turtl told Valik you have to say something about what youve drawn, talk about it etc, he replied "Jus' say central all fuckin' day every day!" ... so there you go Valik..


shaper posting on behalf of ECKYM... my scanner struggled to pick up the drawings as theyre in pencil, but if you could see, youd see that ECKYM piece is killer!!!


a couple dedicated to my poppa who recently past.
gave nufostol a try seeing as though shape is so fascinated by it...

Episode I: Turtle & friends (Part V)


This piece is dedicated to my niece who sadly passed away at the tender age of 11 months. Her name is Ajda & the lettering says her name, on each A is an angel wing, for she is an angel & is accompanying God in the kingdom of heaven. Turtle's going soft, doesn't usually happen but it's happening now.. When she passed I always said I'd do her a bombing but I'd rather not do it now with the opportunity we've been given by JP. The signatures say 'Rest in Peace', 'Our Angel', 'Forever in our hearts' & 'Love Uncle Andrew'. Above the wording is a halo. The lettering's chunky & basic, but it's decent in my opinion. The details inside the lettering are of small seemingly insignificant things you wouldn't really notice, but they're things that I picked out during the short time I was blessed to be with Ajda, they are baby's sick, a pacifier & diamonds which represent the small diamond earrings she used to wear.

- Turtle

Episode I: Turtle & friends (Part IV)

Turtle's on the scene yet again, with that wholegrain goodness that everybody loves.

Take a look at this sh*t.. Buzzed yet? I can't even remember drawing half of this? Got lost like 5 times during the creation of this piece. It says 'TURTLE' but looks like some sci-fi techno buzz stuff that you see when you're trippy. The crown's on the T, bow down to the king. Threw up a 'RIP RED1' in dedication to my brother Rowan Hanif who sadly passed away last year due to natural cause, rest in peace uso. The L holds the samoan flag, which should have the 3/4 blank part colour in but I thought it would ruin the pic. I can't remember where I got the concept from, but I was looking at books on pop culture & pop art in the Mt Albert Library & saw some nice material, not really Andy Warhol but I'm getting there. Threw up some shapes around, only to find out he crossed me out on one of his pieces - no longer associated with the Shaper. Turtle's on the rise, stay tuned for more scenes of Episode I: Turtle & friends.

Btw, the next episode starts after Sunday. So Episode I's gonna be preeeeetty long..

I'd change the channel if I were you, advertisements are coming up.

- TV Turtle Channel 62

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


- Road runner: ive always wanted to do a sketch on a cartoon character and finally got round to it!
-LOF straight letter: i thought i would keep it simple for my 1st sketch, i like the letters L.O.F, the flow quite well and i think these colours work well too. Probably wont do this background if i end up doing this piece though.
LOF linked: i liked the though of having a piece where all the letters are linked. this will probably be my free for all piece, but might change colour scheme.
- DOG: always loved this cartoon, got a comic book at home so copied it.
STAN and RULE: i thought i would kind of set my own theme? i decided on music.. so i got stan from the song by eminem, and the RULE piece was inspired from one of my fave NZ bands SHIHAD. this was just a quick sketch in form time.. thats me done. dell.

How much good is Mike Giant

Looking at Mike Giants work, you can see the aesthetic corolation ( they look similar ) between his work and mine. 
I want you guys to post a minimum of two pics of anything that influences you and your work. You must also justify (explain) why you are influenced and how.


I have decided that for the first wall we will use roller fill as one of our medium. You can choose how you integrate it into your work but keep in mind that the aerosol paint will be intentionally limited ( with my intention being to force you to think about how you would work with limited resources)
This is called working with a reduced palette.
Also have a look at the site It has loads of artist interviews and photos of their. They discuss all aspects of their artists practice so have a look to get ideas on how you can reference influence. (acknowledge influence from other artists work)  Please note that influence is not limited to just graffiti art in relation to graffiti art, for example I am influenced by Alberto Giacometti ( a fine art painter and sculptor ) in both my painting and my graffiti art. Influence can also come from outside the art world, for example, I see human kind ruining the world, fucking each other over and all in the name of greed, this influences the way I think and therefore the way I paint. Hence, why I paint dark imagery.
Think about it.


first of all.. bigs ups to my main man MICHAEL, this computer dude that came and fixed my scanner/printer/photocopier AND made my internet as fast as josh cocker valu all for $30.. seriously if anyone needs help with computers get this dude in hes the man.. ill give you his number. i aint been doing much, just playing with this whole NUFO STOL thing.. i thnk its what im definitely going to paint on sunday. just trying to decide how im gonna do it, what style etc etc, so heres a few diff little sketches.. trying diff stuff. as for the RIP SHAUN, its my mates anniversary the next week we paint and maybe ill paint that then, but i know it all depends on what the theme is and all that so we shall see. the monkey hahaha i dont know i was watching animal planet and was bored, steve austin is the man.. as for influences, not really any but on a few of those NUFO STOL sketches i was hardout feeling a NUKLIUS vibe kinda thing, idunno... so yeah just playing with ideas atm, will draw up some kinda 'final' choices before sunday. think i will be using spraypaint,
oh and turtl g someone marked out your crew in my first sketch, wasnt me bo honest i just found it like that.
shape. mind my language.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010


Tena Koe 
Turts, Shapes, killing it on the sketchs, I didn't realise Turtles hate colouring in. To answer your question King Turtle, whatever colours you want to choose on the day, we all have to discuss and come to an agreement as to who uses what colours. Heres what I'm going to paint. Maybe....
Everyone else, Turts and Shape are killing you, you can sleep when you're dead.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Episode I: Turtle & friends (Part III)

We meet again world :)

This one was done before I went to Samoan Group practice for school, quick & easy. The lettering says 'BILLY' which is a nickname. Each letter's got something going on, like their own individual parties that are good alone but GREAT together. The B's got stars in it, B-star, got the idea from a quote I heard at a Retreat that I attended. It goes 'Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll end up somewhere in the stars'. Pretty random but I'm aiming for the moon. The I has a ribbon wrapped around the stem & a wizard's hat on top of the point. Some people call me 'Gandalf' coz I'm a magical dude. The L's just spazzing. The second L is a candycane, some people call me 'Gandycane' coz I'm sweet & I look yummy. The Y has an afro with an afro comb impaled in the top, it also has a shoe hanging off of it, giving it that powerline look. The signing says '2010B' which backwards says B0102 (BOLOS) & 'ctn yo gras' which is a crew (CYG).

Random fact: Turtle's hate colouring in their drawings & prefer to put pen to paper, none of this pencil first nonsense.

Quick question: How much fun?
Answer: Lots Of Fun!

- T to the URTLE

Friday, February 19, 2010

Episode I: Turtle & friends (Part II)

Hello again world :)

Yet another lazy doodle. This one was created at Year 12 Retreat, someone was talking about something boring so I got bored & filled the void left by boredom with the excitement of drawing. The piece says 'AGRC' which is my initials (AG) along with the initials of my 'friend' (RC).

Lots Of Fun Products est. 2010.

New year, new swag.

- Brother Turts Weezy

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Episode I: Turtle & friends (Part I)

Hello world :)

Lazy doodles. This art piece is kinda how I depict my identity in art form. The band which everything lays on is known as a Taulima, the Taulima is a traditional Samoan tattoo that people get to show that they've grown in maturity, men usually get it as a symbol of their manhood.

The band shown is not your usual Taulima, this is my own personal tattoo. Mine shows breaks & a massive rip through the middle symbolizes the breaking of tension in my life. The small gaps represent the times in my life where I've been lost, or when I've felt insignificant. As you can see, the rest of the drawing is bold & filled in which shows the strength that I've had in my life. The drips symbolize my life's unbalance, sorta representing the times in my life where I've gone off track. Inside the band is the word 'SAMOAAAA' which I got off a travel advertisement that came on TV, I watch a bit too much television if you ask me.

I, myself, am of Samoan heritage & wear the Taulima on my left arm. There is traditional Samoan patterns surrounding the lettering, but I've added a few designs of my own.

Whenever I get bored, I tend to draw to fill the void which boredom leaves by drawing. This drawing is a product of my boredom, had lots of fun doodling today - thanks Mathematics & Religious Education.

Lunch On Friday - does not consist of meat due to Christian values.

- King Turtle


I got the mans face off the cover of an old graffiti dvd, had the sketch lying round for agessss then saw a drawing of a woman by Pose with that effect of the whole drifting thing so tried to use it on him. NUFOSTOL (lotsofun backwards) is what im thinking of painting on the first sunday, its fairly nice and simple. The 'GERMAN GIRLS' is something for josh, he was a big hit with them down in whakatane . Plus two shape sketches

Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Theme

The first theme is what-ever you want, you know what is acceptable and what is not. Remember post all drawings, all thoughts/ideas, there is no wrong. All you have to do is justify it. Why did you have the idea, what influenced it, are you influenced by another artists work? How will you create it, what medium will you use. Other members of the production team may also give constructive feedback on others work.
You have Two weeks till we paint.